Iconic STAR WARS Character in THE MANDALORIAN TV Series Will Show His Face?

the mandalorian

You will face some major spoilers in this post.

The Mandalorian‘s grand premiere was packed with references and touches from the galaxy far, far away, with the new series based in a fully realized Star Wars setting. With such amazing detail, what you see in the show is not by accident. And that’s an essential and meaningful standard since a great character might have been lurking in the shadows. If he was, it could have enormous implications for The Mandalorian, because we might have just seen Boba Fett, what makes The Mandalorian such an intriguing character is the mystery that surrounds him, but the odds are against him showing his face in season 1.


Vanity Fair was the first to find that at the 18:31 mark in the episode, as Pedro Pascal’s character leads subterrene through a small Mandalorian community, we see one more figure dressed in the same iconic armor of his home planet. Standing in the dark on the right side of the screen is a character wearing Boba Fett’s famous armor. This is how it looks in the show:

Mandalorian boba fett Mandalorian boba fett

Many other characters in the background of the shot are also wearing recognizable Mandalorian armor, this figure almost matches the color scheme and the iconic armor of Boba Fett. Notice the red in both his helmet and his left forearm, which you can see from Return of the Jedi.

Boba Fett

VF’s edited photo shows the dark figure with a blaster gun dent in their helmet that also exactly the same as the one in Boba Fett’s. This certainly looks like to be the notorious bounty hunter.

This all seems like fictional detective work for fans to reveal something that is otherwise not shown clearly, but there’s a good chance that shows creator Jon Favreau and Lucasfilm would include it without knowing the internet detectives will dig it up. They were absolutely certainly counting on it being found. There will be millions of eyes on this series and some of those eyes are eagle eyes, with every single frame paused and analyzed. The release of the show, with its insane amount of precise details, made clear that’s what we should be doing. In the context of the show, both what’s on-screen and the way it will be used by modern audiences, hiding Boba Fett’s armor is unlikely to spot cameo isn’t insane at all.

This could be only an Easter egg, a pleasant reference to the character who made Mandalorian armor popular in the Star Wars universe. By making it so difficult, Favreau and Dave Filoni who is the episode’s director may have been giving fans some hyper buried treasure to go looking for.


But if this was not just a callback it could have far more significant ramifications for the show. It is Star Wars hero Boba Fett died in Return of the Jedi. Only in Star Wars legends, he saved his life with the help of his jet pack. If we really did see his body armor in The Mandalorian, the Sarlacc spit out his armor, which was discovered by someone else who now wears it; or the possibility is, Boba Fett truly did escape. How secure is Boba Fett in an environment where Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia just destroyed the Empire? Where can he go when hundreds of his clones are now expanded across a galaxy that reviles them?

Whether someone used his identity—which would have enormous value in a criminal world—or Boba Fett still lives, the figure wearing that armor would make for an interesting and possibly monumental addition to the already awesome TV series. And it’s only befitting we saw a great bounty hunter hiding in the darknesses of The Mandalorian.

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