If Your Half-Empty Bag Of Chips Bothers You, This Video Is For You

Half-Empty Bag Of Chips

When you open a new bag of potato chips only to find that, despite appearances, it’s only half-full.

Now, there’s a logical reason having to do with keeping enough air in the bag to keep the chips unbroken during shipping and stocking, but the frustration remains.

@frecakes8 #blackexcellence #urban #fypシ゚viral ♬ Give the People What They Want – The O’Jays

Frustration which led TikToker @frecakes8 to mix two half-full bags of Ruffles together to make one full bag before paying at the store.

The video has over 236,000 views but doesn’t disclose whether or not he got away with spending for a single bag or not.

Some people in the comments tried enlightening everyone on the reason for the air.


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