iGO Electric FatBike Launches

iGO Electric FatBike Launches

iGO Electric has taken to Kickstarter to raise the $100,000 they need to create and manufacture their new all terrain iGO Electric FatBike.

The iGO Electric FatBike has been specifically designed to provide the ultimate mid-drive electronic off-road bicycle and iGO hopes to take their eight years of ebike building experience to the next level.

Features of the iGO Electric FatBike include : MPF Drive 5.2, multifunctional display to provide constant updates on the drive system and 432WH Panasonic battery capacity, together with a 2×10 SRAM Drivetrain to name a few. The team behind the project explains :

“After 8 years of building a wide range of ebikes, we were ready to take our passion and experience to the next level. It was time to develop a high-performance, multi-terrain, super-tough FatBike. In other words, the ideal electric bike.

We wanted our FatBike to not only engage current riders, but attract new riders who never would have considered owning a performance ebike. With our experience in the ebike business, along with real-world customer feedback, we began to design a new line of high performance cycles. And they would have to not only compete with the best, but be the best.

To build bikes that meet the needs of North American riders, it only made sense to build them right here in North America. So every new FatBike will be engineered, assembled and packaged in our state-of-the-art facility in Montreal. These bikes are going to excite people.”

Source: Kickstarter

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