IKEA Created a Meatball Scented Candle

Meatball Scented Candle

Other is not just know for its furniture, IKEA is known worldwide for its rich budget-friendly meatballs. If you haven’t yet eaten and tried them yet then you’re missing out. And if you’re someone who loves them a bit too much, you can now get a tasty candle that smells like them.

It’s called the ‘HUVUDROLL’ candle and it is a way to bring the Swedish meatball smell into your very own home. IKEA is well aware that its meatballs have become an integral part of its visitor’s shopping experiences – so why would you not make this?

The candle is part of the “IKEA Store in a Box” – a limited-edition collection of all of the most unforgettable sensory experiences of going to IKEA.

So, if you’re planning your next date night, why not go to IKEA and pick up a meatball scented candle with a bag of frozen meatballs and make a meaty night out of it.

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