IKEA Offers President Trump an Affordable Border Wall

IKEA Offers President Trump an Affordable Border Wall

IKEA, Which is widely known as the rage-inducing assembly instructions company, might have the perfect solution to Trump’s border wall. It’s affordable, it’s easy to get, and it only takes two people — or so this ad would have you believe.

“Börder Wåll,” a faux IKEA product ad, it saves a lot of tax payers money and unlike Trump’s wall, this one will set back taxpayers just $10 billion, as opposed to the $15- to-$25 billion the project could cost.

German Der Postillon created this ad. In it, we see a graphic of just what you would get in every package, along with an individual in a dashing sombrero looking up at the wall in awe.

Inside the (presumably enormous) box would be:
• 471,612 wall panels
• 754,579 wire spokes
• 313,329 feet (yards?) of barbed wire
• 1,886,448 short screws
• 3,772,896 long screws
• 1 two-sided hex key (which sounds troublingly easy to misplace)

The Börder Wåll would come with a 5-year guarantee and a 12,000-page instruction manual.

Der Postillon says it’s available at any IKEA branch, although presumably the President will want one heck of a roof rack to transport it.

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