The Importance of Art in the Human Life

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There are multiple benefits of art, which are essential for the humans. You should find out more about the main art functions to fully understand its necessity.


The Value of Art for Our Life

The things we undertake and like make who we are and form our identity. One of the most important roles for the human life receives art. This is a pretty complicated term, which is at the same time pretty simple as well. A lot depends on what you expect from a definite kind of art. However, its value is great.

It is concluded within a spiritual education of people. It helps to understand and feel the environment in a practical-spiritual manner. This is the highest level of mastery and skills that appear in any sphere of our life. Art is an inevitable and important aspect of any culture that educates and brings up people with the help of different spiritual tools.

One should point out that art has much behind itself. There are definite aims and functions, which are of great importance for any society. It is needed to review this matter from different points of view. For instance, the artist has an objective to express himself/herself through a definite art direction. If you are an observer, you receive pleasurable feelings and emotions observing and touching the pieces of art. One should mention that art is the significant part of the cultural development and is tied to moral aspects.

When people undertake any kind of art, they accept themselves, communicate with their feelings and receive freedom. Thanks to creative ideas, artists gain self-respect, unite with nature, find harmony and balance. They confirm themselves as vivid and complete individualities. When a student writes a scholarship essay, his or her objective is to show the best sides of his/her personality. The same goes for the artists who find themselves in art and using it as a universal guideline, express the way they perceive the world.

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The Main Functions of Art

In order to receive a clearer view of the role of art in our life, we should define and explain its major functions. There are several of them. Some people argue about the number of art functions. Certain specialists underline three major functions, which are:

  • Physical;
  • Social;
  • Personal;

Undoubtedly, it is quite easy to understand the physical aspect of art. Everything begins in the genius brains of the artist. Afterward, he or she brings the ideas to life with his/her hands. The manner a concept will be created or forged depends on the chosen art type. This may be sculpture, architecture, drawing, paintings and other crafts. The ability to think, as well as labor, make us human.

The social aspect is likewise essential. Art has what to do with the social development of a person individually, as well as together with the rest of its environment. It has a strong influence on person’s point of view and can fully change it. For instance, political art has a great power. There are many historical examples when art was used as a powerful tool of propaganda. People perceived the information on the subconscious level and changed their attitudes in accordance with the current authorities in this or that country or region.

The personal functions of art are noticeable and crucial. In comparison to physical functioning, this aspect is commonly utterly difficult to explain. There exist various forms of personal functions and their meanings change from case to case because each person understands them in his/her own manner.

An artist has different reasons why he or she undertakes art. Somebody wish to simply express their inner developments and feelings. The others are looking for gratification, fame, and recognition. Some folks have a great need for the viewer’s point of view and appreciation. However, some artists create for themselves just to make things done.

Art is a universal medium, which helps to connect with the world. The ways are different. However, the result is commonly significant. People find themselves, reveal the hidden talents and enhance inner powers. They become more self-confident and happy.

It is not obligatorily to create yourself. We should likewise mention people who prefer to simply evaluate and marvel at different masterpieces. The observers also develop their inner self and take each art type personally.

However, the others think that these categories are general and too narrow. They identify at least seven art functions, which have certain goals. They are probably more detail-targeted. These are:

  • Aesthetic;
  • Social;
  • Compensatory;
  • Hedonistic;
  • Cognitive;
  • Predictive;
  • Educational;


Art is considered as the creation of something beautiful. Therefore, one of its functions is to form the aesthetic taste. Humans commonly tend to reach to something beautiful and art is one of the objectives. It is connected with another function, which is a hedonistic function. It is responsible for gaining pleasure. Observing the great creation of mind and hand, people feel inner satisfaction and become happier.

As it has been already mentioned, art is tightly associated with the social aspects. Different kinds of the art can form ideological beliefs and streaming. This is a powerful psychological weapon. It may be associated with a predictive function as well. Thanks to art masterpieces, one may predict a reaction and possible future actions when interacting with art genres.


One should discuss the psychological effects from different directions of art. A compensatory function helps to overcome various mental problems and deviations. People find their own self, recover mental balance, reach harmony with life and their surroundings. Many people sufficiently reduce stress and fight anxiety using art.

A cognitive function helps us to define the way we act. It deals with moral aspects too. Of course, not all people are interested in art. However, all of us are a little bit curious about its genres because they can reveal the secrets of our behavior. Though art has a lot to deal with nature, the central figure of examination and discoveries is the human.


Undoubtedly, art carries the educational message. It really has a strong impact on the human mind and can educate us in different ways. This is another psychological manifestation of art, which brings lots of dividends for the personality development and growth.

As you can see, the role of art in our life can be easily revealed with the help of its functions. It plays a very important part for us and we should obtain as much useful information as we can because it helps us to understand who we are. Finally, we should simply marvel at unbelievable creations of the human creativity and thought to make our life more vivid.


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