Important Role of Shakespeare’s Creative Legacy in Modern Education


Four centuries had passed since the world saw the introduction of the last William Shakespeare’s masterpiece. Nevertheless, everything that he has penned about is as alive at the present day as it was back then, and rightly so. Today, high school and college students are required to read his poetry. His pieces are staged in almost every known language all around the globe. Moreover, educators find his works as an effective educational tool for teaching the most marginalized individuals.


Place of the author’s works in modern education

Academia gives great importance to Shakespeare’s masterpieces by involving them in the curriculum for both high school and college students. Boys and girls typically read at least one play a year. Outside the school settings, students watch movies, enjoy ballets, and attend specific festivals. There are also many commercials created around his most popular characters, including Romeo and Juliet. In prisons, those pursuing educational opportunities are taught about this author regularly: murder and justice – these are just a few things that prisoners may be interested in.

An enormous collection of works that have survived many long years, enriching our language with neologisms and thereby making it more vibrant, remains to these days. Within school settings, this poetry helps teachers show children how to use their native language much better than any textbook, and thus modern youth uses phrases from the popular masterpieces in their everyday life, without thinking much about it. That is why it is so important to incorporate Shakespeare’s works in the school curriculum so that the next generation doesn’t lose the richness of the language that they offer. There are many more reasons why students should continue studying Shakespeare.


Four Reasons to Study Shakespeare Today

  1. Creative Storylines

Those students who have already ordered essays on Shakespeare’s biography from Pro-papers probably know a lot about the author’s life and his intellectual output. And what most boys and girls like about this author is that he knew how to develop great plots.

Many believe that Shakespeare’s masterpieces continue to inspire modern authors even today. Loyalty, love, guilt, murder, revenge, and much more – this is what his works are about. All of them come with an incredible story-line and are masterfully written to satisfy even the most demanding reader. Boys and girls of any age can find a piece that will enhance their imagination and inspire them to never stop gaining knowledge.

  1. Meaningful Characters

No one can deny that all of Shakespeare’s characters with no exception are very powerful. His works offer readers a great way to discover these characters through their emotions. His characters have many talents and are developed to draw the attention of all readers. From witches, murders, and magicians to villains, lovers, and dreamers, all of the figures have everything one can imagine and even more. There is no more effective way of nurturing the modern youth’s imagination than to encourage kids to explore famous literature both within and outside school settings.

  1. Incredible Quotes

Today, we still use popular quotes from popular pieces. It is hard to find a single person who has never heard a famous quote “to be or not to be” from Hamlet. There are many more quotes that are commonly used by people of any age all around the world, including “I am one who loved not wisely but too well”, “Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?”, etc.

  1. Challenging and motivating

It is hard to find a better way of challenging schoolers’ reading than to have boys and girls study Shakespeare. Once students feel comfortable with reading, teachers can use the author’s works to challenge young people and stimulate them mentally. It is better if educators help children understand the language from the very beginning and are always there to help them deal with the difficulties they may face when reading the poetry.

Exploring the author’s legacy can be a great learning curve and a good ability for any student to develop. His masterpieces are never out-of-date and thus can benefit students of any age. Students can use Shakespeare’s works to understand history better and learn many things from the massages the author intended to send to his readers. Being a foundation of the English literature, Shakespeare’s works have a great influence on modern education, whether we like it or not.

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