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Video Editing Software

Videos are the foremost marketing channel in today’s times. Over time videos have proved not only a cost-effective marketing channel but also extremely effective as well. This is the principal reason why video has become a preferred tool by all. The most popular video streaming platform, i.e YouTube, has over a billion users every month.

Many reports and data suggest that approximately 75 million people in the United States alone watch online videos. Therefore, creating quality videos is one of the utmost important tasks for any promotional activity. The challenge, however, is making awesome videos about exciting issues.

An interesting video is bound to attract a large number of viewers. Furthermore, as a channel creator, regularly posting engaging videos is the surest way to convert one-time viewers into subscribers.

These days, several videos create and edit software and web-based online platforms that facilitate video creation and editing. A video creation software helps you add effects and choose features such as logo reveal templates to create more meaningful and engaging content.

The array of choices between free and paid software creates a lot of confusion in an average creator’s mind. However, depending on your experience handling such software, it should be easy to start with free software with basic features to get acquainted with it.

Many software tools also provide a compact set of features and house different kinds of accessible functions for beginners and professionals. The following video formats are amongst the best in the market, with each specializing a group of features better than the others.

1. Movie Maker 10

Movie Maker was the first free editing software provided Microsoft. The original movie maker has since then been redesigned and loaded with robust features. It is a good software that provides convenient editing for Windows OS based systems, and the best part is that it is free.

The movie maker provides hassle-free basic editing for quick fixes to your videos. It has its arsenal of pre-loaded editing tools for those who like to keep things basic and simple. Additionally, Movie Maker 10 also has interesting features such as caption insertion and editing options and customizable fonts and colors for a wholesome experience.

2. Shotcut

This is another impressive open-source software that facilitates easy cross-platform editing options. This is a great platform for first-timers due to the in-built collection of tutorial videos.

It was originally designed for Linux OS based devices and had a slightly unconventional interface. However, it more than makes up for it in terms of the wide range of formats it supports. With Shotcut, it is very easy to create and edit 4K and HD videos, which have a greater picture resolution ad hence file size.

ShotCut has another interesting feature that makes it stand out from its competition. ShotCut enables the user to import files directly onto the video editor instead of downloading it to a media library. This saves time and makes the process a lot less time consuming as compared to others.

The software’s editing options are quite vast, with an array of audio tools that can fine-tune bass, treble, and other top-notch multimedia options for audio.

3. Blender

Blender is another popular free software that facilitates 3D editing and designing for its users. The 3D path tracer engine is designed exclusively to give viewers the “real experience” by animating objects. The best part, though, is the advanced rendering processes that facilitate a swifter rendering, exporting, and saving your media files.

One of the places where Blender is highly rated is the video game industry because of many updates to game logic coding customized for various motion graphic video games. Additionally, the new version houses a vast array of visual effects for animations and vignette styles for presentation and looks. The various features that the software boasts make it a favorite amongst novices and pros alike.

4. VideoPad

This video editing software is flexible and easy to use, making it a highly recommended option for those who are just starting. Do not let the easy and simplistic interface fool you as the professional features of VideoPad are enough to pack a punch.

VideoPad boasts unique features such as light effects and color editing tools, built-in double screens, and plentiful audio mixing options. These features give the software a sophisticated and professional edge. However, easy controls and other features like presets exporting to create specific files for Facebook and YouTube make it favorable among beginners.

Additionally, VideoPad has the option to post your content directly onto social media sites from within the software, which makes it flexible and quick to use.

5. OpenShot

OpenShot is another free software for beginners and has a great user-friendly interface. It strikes the perfect balance between complex editorial components and simplistic yet robust features for novices. The software boasts intuitive and easy-to-use software, which is generally preferred by videographers opting for simplistic editing options.

Though the design space is minimalistic, to say the least, yet it has a lot of features akin to other leading editing software. Furthermore, the format offers a real-time preview or the creator to see how the video plays out and make necessary changes accordingly.

Its easy navigability and drag-and-drop functions make audio-video editing processes swift and smooth. OpenShot is highly recommended for small-time businesses and offers an array of editing tools such as trimming, scaling, frame stepping, time mapping, and audio editing, amongst others.


Ultimately, the choice of video editing software must be made, keeping in mind your demands and functions you deem vital. Many other factors, such as the size of files, the scale of editing, type of business, and the objective of making the video also impact your decision.

However, as a wise consumer, you must not jump to the latest software with the latest features. This is because the latest may not always be the best for you. The initial steps must be taken with beginner-friendly features by using an easy video creator software, and then one must gradually transition to more complex editing tools and advanced software.


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