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Cheating when it comes to video games involves the use and implementation of methods beyond standards to create undue advantages and disadvantages well beyond the reach of normal gaming. Whether for the purpose of making the game harder, easier or more engaging, cheats are activated either by making use of a cheat code put in place by the initial game developer which is embedded within the game itself or by making use of a gaming trainer (also referred to as third-party software). Software bugs can also be manipulated to engage a cheat action.


What Are Cheat Codes

Cheat codes are devices implemented by gamers in order to facilitate quick level finishes and advancement or for special benefits and abilities within the game. A cheat trainer application intercepts and modifies the memory address of a game. A cheat trainer allows you access to various features which on a good and ordinary day, you will not have access to.  Cheat codes could consist of numeric or keyboard combination.

Basic cheat codes are created by the game designers themselves and are embedded deep within the videos game itself which can only be activated upon rendering a password or by making use of the controller in a pre-determined sequence. Some games also include a bug console which can be used to alter some certain game parameters like health, speed, ammunition, etc. Learn more about cheat codes and how they work here.

Originally, cheat codes were created to aid development and game testing. They are also referred to as Easter eggs. Nevertheless, some cheat codes came about through the invention of hackers who exploit software bugs to achieve an enhanced game result.


Making Use of Bots

Robots otherwise referred to as bots, are programs that simulate human behavioral patterns and use this emulation to carry out actions that may be repetitive in nature thereby giving room for added advantage and benefit.

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Cheat Engines

Cheat engines or CE is a program that is designed to connect to another program so that it can read and write the memory values of the other program. When this is done, the gamer can, therefore, change the program to gather gross benefit. This allows the gamer to fashion out the game to suit their want and enjoy the game at a pace they dictate.  Many of these cheats are made available to the online community, who gathers them and present them in files called trainers or tables. Cheat engines are designed to engage any computer program and do not pose any form of danger to contracts and copyrights. Cheat tables are files used to store addresses, scripts, and codes.

Cheating can also be achieved by modifying the memory values or editing the memory through the use of memory editor hardware and software.


How to Troubleshoot Cheat Trainers?

Cheat trainers sometimes have issues with compatibility. When this happens, simply

  • Engage a temporal disabling of firewalls and other security constituting software.
  • Right-click then select “run as administrator” both on the trainer and the game.
  • Ensures the version of the trainer you are using matches the version of the game you wish to use it for.

How to Activate A Cheat Trainer?

  • Open the file containing the trainer
  • Extract the trainer and place it in a new folder on your computer.
  • Run the trainer before or after (depending on the trainer type) you launch the game
  • Use the assigned trainer keys to assign controls and activate the cheats or re-map the controls yourself.
  • It is essential that you do not exit the trainer before you exit the game. This might crash the game or stop the cheat.

Some Terminologies Used in Cheating Includes

  • Action replay codes: these codes are designed to work only when implemented alongside a hardware device plugged in via the game console.
  • Trainer maker kit: this is a special program that is designed so people can create a graphical user interface that makes use of the drag and drops command. These programs are called stand-alone trainers.
  • Easter egg: they are secrets added by the game programmers to offers more items or points to users when discovered.
  • Trainer customizer: are programs that allow the user to customize specific hotkeys for compatible trainers.

The popularity of cheat trainers has been on the low side as a result of various reasons such as; value for a gaming experience, multiplayer fairness plays etc.

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