Incredible Deep-Ocean Power Turbine


A Florida-based startup called Crowd Energy will be turning to Indiegogo to continue work on its Ocean Energy Turbine, a slow-turning mill that its creators believe can harness megawatts of clean power from just a single unit — enough to light thousands of homes.

Underwater turbines are nothing new, but this concept is a little different: instead of mimicking the shape and functionality of a wind turbine, Crowd Energy’s unit is equipped with giant shutters that open and close on giant paddles that spin deep on the ocean floor. It already has a small proof of concept built, but the company wants to go way bigger; for its first production model, it’s looking to build a unit 100 feet across that would generate over 13 megawatts. “Imagine giant rivers flowing on the seafloor. This is how the idea of the Ocean Energy Turbine originated,” explains founder Todd Janca.

There is some danger to marine life because of these turbines but they are not greater to the dangers they are facing now from all the fossil fuel we are burning at the moment. The problems created by the turbines can be sorted when they invented this i’m sure they can think of saving marine life too, But getting clean energy is the biggest challenge we have these days. Go Green.

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