Incredible Entertainment Options We Didn’t Have Ten Years Ago

Five Incredible Entertainment Options We Didn’t Have Ten Years Ago.

The entertainment industry has been greatly impacted by current technology and entertainment options are greater than ever. Watching television shows and movies once required that you actually had a television or that you go to the theater. The competition is tight and it is no small wonder. The fact that you can watch movies directly from your phone is enough to make you scratch your head in amazement.

Video on Demand

Video on demand

VOD is the acronym for this popular new method for catching up on favorite television shows and movies. Not all television shows are available on video on demand; however, most series shows are accessible. It is available through cable providers and on some internet sites. The shows can be watched online, on television, and on some smartphones.



Amazon has been selling books and other products for many years. The company has expanded their business to include e-books, downloadable music, and videos. It is a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. This company goes above and beyond to deliver media instantly to all your devices.

itunes Movies


Apple Inc. created iTunes many years ago. The application allows users to download purchased music, podcasts, and videos. It even has a radio with hundreds of stations. It was not until recently that it started providing the ability to purchase and download hi-def movies though. This application has it all and it is easily managed. The hi-def movies can be viewed on iPod, iPad, computers, and even televisions when an HDMI cable is hooked between the TV and the computer.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus started out as a free site that offered viewers hundreds of videos that could be watched all in one place. The site has grown tremendously and recently released Hulu Plus. There is a subscription fee for those who wish to watch favorite television shows and movies that are more recent than the videos the site had in the past. Many networks signed on with Hulu in order to join the revolution.



Netflix offers a huge variety of movies and old television shows. The company gives the option of watching the videos via live streaming, on gaming devices, and on personal computers or DVD versions that are sent through the mail.It is one of the most successful businesses of its kind.

These five companies have gone above and beyond to deliver the most up-to-date entertainment capabilities. Technology has taken TV and movie viewing to heights never before imagined. Music is not a problem with any of these stellar companies either. It almost makes you wonder how they will outdo themselves in the future.

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