Incredibly Detailed Elden Ring Paper Model of Leyndell

Elden Ring Paper Model of Leyndell

Sky Burkson, a talented artist, recently showcased his impressive skills by creating a miniature model of the Leyndell Royal Capital from Elden Ring. Using a combination of paper, toothpicks, wool, and other components, Burkson meticulously sculpted each building and even included overgrown roots that wrap around them. The level of detail and care put into recreating Leyndell’s Royal Capital is truly remarkable.

In addition to capturing the visual identity of the location, Burkson managed to infuse the model with a bit of the game’s ambiance. He included a light that mimics the Erdtree, a giant, glowing tree that exists in Elden Ring’s open world, and placed other lights throughout the piece to look like burning flames. This attention to detail is what sets Burkson’s work apart from others.

The papercraft model is made up of paper, clear resin, basswood, toothpicks, floral wire, wool batting, and tea leaf grounds, all sitting on top of a wooden base. It took Burkson months to complete the project, and he has announced that the Leyndell Royal Capital model is going to its forever home.

While the model is not for sale, Elden Ring fans have something else to look forward to. FromSoftware has recently announced the upcoming DLC Shadow of the Erdtree, which is expected to delve further into the character of Miquella, who is mentioned in the main game but never seen. With this announcement, the anticipation and excitement surrounding the game’s expansion are at an all-time high.

Overall, Burkson’s miniature model of Leyndell’s Royal Capital is a testament to his creativity and attention to detail. It’s clear that he put his heart and soul into this project, and the result is a stunning masterpiece that truly captures the essence of Elden Ring’s Royal Capital.

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