Index Revealed The 10 Most Offensive Celebrities

According to new research which counted every public celebrity apology and excuses to find the sorriest celebs and companies. Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and Kevin Hart top the charts having apologized for the most for insensitive comments and behavior. Celebs spend most of their time apologizing for racially ‘offensive’ remarks (25%) and insults (26%.) Disparaging remarks about mental health issues (14%) and offending the LGBT community (12%) are also high on the top 10 list.

It’s never been hard to be a celebrity than in this day and age. With apologizing culture is in these days, one social media post or one mistake which you said without even giving it another thought can kill your career before it’s even started. One should be very careful what they have to say online, it can be insensitive or hurtful to someone else. There are many offenders and repeat offenders, check out some of the most insensitive ones and then check out the top 10 most apologetic celebrities chart below.

Dr. Phil

Insulted The University

Dr. Phil was trying to give a pithy quote about the college entrance scandal when he said to the People magazine that rich parents were fixated on Ivy League schools simply for the reason “they don’t want to be the one parent that says, ‘Well, yeah, my kid’s going to, you know, Slippery Rock.’ ” Slippery Rock University students in Pennsylvania were not thrilled about the comments, and the university president talked back hard to Dr.Phil, Phillip C. McGraw said in a statement: “I was unaware of your school and intended to use a fictitious example. One hundred percent my mistake. I have since educated myself about SRU and could not be more impressed with your fine institution.”

apple airpods

Chrissy Teigen And The AirPods

Chrissy Teigen is renowned for her fun Twitter feed and her easy attitude about the privileges of being a rich celebrity, but those two smashed in an unhappy way last month when she talked about: “My mom treats her air pods like they’re disposable. buys a few a month. she says they would be easier to not lose if they had … a cord.” AirPods cost about $159, many of her fans didn’t find it very amusing. A few hours later, Teigen saw the backlash and gave a follow-up tweet and explanation: “It was meant as a joke (and exaggeration) … but it came across as super tone-deaf and icky.”


Madonna Has Been Called a “human toilet.”

Marcelo Burlon who is an Italian designer wasn’t happy when he saw Madonna wearing a sweatsuit which he made for his label, County of Milan, and referred to the pop icon as “La Cessa” — It is slang in Italian and it means “human toilet.” Once his judgment made news, he regretted his “stupidity” in an Instagram caption that said: “I haphazardly and irresponsibly used a common Italian slur to describe her. The term, which I use often with close friends, in context is non-offensive, but I understand that it was my error to assume that I could speak on social media using the very tone that I use in my everyday private life.”


Racial Insensitivities

From Keri Hilson blaming COVID-19 on 5G to Ryan Reynolds apologizing for having a plantation wedding, the data team at CasinoHex decided to follow every single public celebrity apology that’s been published publicly by the celebs or organizations, to find the most scandalous celebrities. 

With regards to what celebrities are apologizing for, the data shows comments and actions relating to insensitivities over racial issues (25%) and insults (26%) dominate. This is followed by offensive comments relating to mental health issues (14%) and the LGBT community (12%). 

Justin Bieber Socks

Bieber Most Offensive Celebrity

He is just 26, it is Justin Bieber who is the king of celebrity apologies, he got a total of seven public apologies which cover the themes of being a racist (4), breaking the law (1), and being inconsiderate to mental health problems (2). 

Just behind him in a close second are Chris Brown and Kevin Hart, who did 5 public apologies each, with the apologies due to LGBT offenses, violence, insults to artists, cheating, and being inconsiderate of mental health problems.  


The Top 10 Most Apologetic Celebrities Are:  

Name and Sum of All Apologies 

  1. Justin Bieber (7) 
  2. Kevin Hart  (5) 
  3. Chris Brown (5) 
  4. Snoop Dogg (4) 
  5. Kanye West (4) 
  6. 50 Cent (4) 
  7. Lili Reinhart (3) 
  8. Soulja Boy (3) 
  9. Rob Kardashian (30 
  10. Ariana Grande (3) 
  11. Wendy Williams (3) 
  12. Tracy Morgan (3) 

In total the entertainment industry has made the most public apologies at 29 percent, followed by sports stars (21%) and musicians and artists (18%).  

The data revealed that celebrities do not learn the hard lesson with many being offenders who repeat their mistakes in one form or another, so who will the next contender in the #isoverparty?  

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