Indian Comic On The ‘Conan’ Burns America for Trump and Cereals


I don’t know if you are familiar with Indian stand-up comic Vir Das, If you don’t then let me tell you that he is a very talented young comic who is known for his timing and spontaneous replies. He recently debuted on a Netflix special, left the audience at the Conan show in splits.

Das took on America’s choices from their president to their breakfast, and he pretty much burned the both choices.

He called President Trump the country’s “arranged marriage” — where somebody else picks you a guy you don’t like, but you gotta live with him.

Then came the hilarious attack on cereals, the country’s most popular breakfast food. “You’re complaining about Trump? You have an aisle [at a supermarket] for cereal,” Das said.

And in the end, he said. “Have you been to India? If you haven’t, you must go. Because your jobs have.”

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