INDIANA JONES 5 is Reportedly Being Rewritten and Story Details Revealed


Disney and Lucasfilm revealed that Indiana Jones 5 was in development last year and David Koepp was writing the script of the movie. Koepp was then replaced by Solo writer Jonathan Kasdan and he started working on the new story from scratch.

Now there is another new report from Making Star Wars that says This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman is the new screenwriter that has been given the task to take on the hurdle of writing the movie. Fogelman also wrote films such as Cars, Last Vegas, Fed Claus, and Life Itself. So we will see if he can nail the script.

Lucasfilm wasn’t on board with what Kasdan was looking to do because Fogelman is said to be developing the whole story for the movie that Kasdan was working on. So, what exactly was Kasdan’s Indiana Jones 5 movie going to be about? Well, here’s what the report says:

“My sources believe the idea for the Kasdan Indy 5 script Jon Kasdan was working on focused on the Walbrzych Gold Train legend. Supposedly, a train full of Nazi gold went missing near the Polish city of Walbrzych. The train departed from Breslau with gold, masterpieces, weapons and other unknown priceless artifacts. It was then hidden in a series of mines dug by the Nazis.”

I think Indiana Jones needs to be on the hunt for something mythic, mysterious and something supernatural. That’s what makes Indiana Jones so cool is that he goes after the artifacts that are thought to be impossible to find and have some kind of supernatural element to them.

We have no idea what angle Fogelman will be taking on his rewrite, but according to the report, it won’t include Jones looking for the missing Nazi treasure. He seems like an odd choice for the job, but let’s see what he comes up with.

Steven Spielberg will be back to direct the film and Harrison Ford will reprise his role. Disney set the release date for the new Jones movie for July 9th, 2021.

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