Influencers Are Using Sets To Make Them Look Like Flying On Private Planes


The pandemic has hit the travel industry very hard and destroyed a lot of plans for this year. Now, our adventures mostly consist of heading to the realm of The Kitchen or visiting the lands of Netflix.

Some influencers and travel bloggers are far from excited that their income is drying up and that their ability to travel is restricted. So some of them are actually using studio sets to look like they’re flying on private planes. One of these sets is in Los Angeles, California, and it will cost you around 64 dollars per hour. And now fans are taking note and alerting others that what they see in social media could all be fake.

People have noticed that some influencers are using a studio set in LA to pretend they’re flying on a private jet

Image credits: maisonmeIissa

Here are some examples of influencers who appear to have used the same set

Image credits: azra_mian

Image credits: simplykennedy_

Image credits: mothapotumelo17

Image credits: simplykennedy_

Image credits: BriannaValido

Image credits: mariaisabel

Image credits: realjazzyyy

Image credits: aisha_mian

Image credits: thorkiebabyz

Here’s what the inside of the studio set looks like. It’s not too expensive to rent out

Image credits: peerspace

Image credits: maisonmeIissa

Image credits: maisonmeIissa

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