Infographic: How Much Popular LEGO Sets Cost All Over The World

LEGO is a very popular toy all over the world. Coming from modest origins as simple building blocks now it has grown to have incredibly complex sets and very skillful people using them as a medium to create some amazing things. But have you ever thought how much LEGOs cost around the world?

TheToyZone recently did a study looking at the cost of 8 different famous LEGO sets across roughly 200 countries. TheToyZone found a 744% difference in the average price of LEGO in the most and least costly markets. The cheapest place in the world to buy LEGO was Belgium where the average price of the sets is $269 while Argentina was the most expensive coming in at $2,270 on average.

The average in the United States was $349, about $50 more than in Canada. Denmark, the birthplace of LEGO, was only the second cheapest in Europe and the fourth cheapest in the world at $287.

This was fascinating to read through and I suggest looking through the full study results.

LEGO Sets Cost All Over The World

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