Injustice Gods Among Us

Injustice Gods Among Us – Fight Your Favorite Heroes And Villains

Injustice: Gods Among Us has easily been one of the most hotly-anticipated fighting game of the year. This isn’t the first time the heroes, villains, and icons of DC Comics have come together for a rumble, but everything about this title pointed to it being perhaps the best DC comic based fighting game released so far.

Injustice Gods Among Us

But how is it going to fare when you actually get the game in your hands?

Inside the game

Anyone who has been following the development of Injustice has been particularly excited about the visuals of the game. All your favorite DC characters are here, including a few dark horse contenders, and all of them are brilliantly, flawlessly designed. Injustice features some of the best art ever created for not only a game based on comic books, but for any fighting game that’s come out in recent memory. The multitude of worlds in which the story behind Injustice unfolds is breathtaking, too, featuring extraordinary detail and realism.

And that story is well worth mentioning, too. The developers at NetherRealm Studios understand that the biggest appeal of this game lies in answering questions like who would win a fight between Bane and Joker, but they also know that the fans who have been anticipating this game the most are also expecting an epic as good as anything they could find in a comic book or movie adaptation. No matter which character you choose, you’re going to feel the full brunt of this incredible that links dozens of fights and mini-games to create a powerhouse narrative.

The other game modes provide a wealth of possibilities, and reveal the amazing depth to this title. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Mortal Kombat genius Ed Boon had a hand in this game. The same attention to giving players everything they could ever want in a fighter is alive and well here. Battles mode gives you that old-school task of climbing over a heap of competitors to get to the top, and then it throws in the ability to add dozens of options to make the combat even more challenging. Challenge Tower tasks you 10 distinctive missions to complete, and online play lets you go one-on-one, or join the chaos in the impressive King of the Hill mode.

All of this is nice, but what about the gameplay? Injustice scores points right out the gate by eliminating rounds as they’re traditionally presented in fighting games. All you have is a very brief interim between the two life bars you’re given per fight. This forces you to develop all-new strategies to come out on top.

They score even more points with gameplay mechanics that hit all the right points. Picking up this game is easy, but learning every move, every combo will test even the most experienced players. The combo system and interactive environments are particularly well done.

Injustice gods among us review conclusion

Injustice is pretty close to perfect in every possible way. The real injustice is that you haven’t found out for yourself yet.

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