Ink Regrets: The Top Five Worst Celebrity Tattoos in History

While the media would like to pretend that celebrities are oh-so-special, they make the same embarrassing mistakes as everyone else. While DUI violations and financial problems can be hidden from the public eye, their ink regrets are displayed for the whole world to mock. Here are the top five worst celeb tattoos ever.

5. Eminem’s Portrait of His Daughter

Ink Regrets

Slim Shady has an impressive and enviable collection of ink. Most of it is gorgeous black and gray that is highlighted by his fair skin. All of it was obviously drawn by a skilled and talented hand, with one exception. The tattoo of his daughter, Hailie Jade, is hideous. The lines are weak, the perspective seems forced and the artist saw fit to give a small child wrinkles. Professional dermatologists would have a field day trying to remove it, so Marshall is most likely going to have to live with it or cover it up at some point.

4. Johnny Depp’s Wino Forever

Ink Regrets

Once a protestation of love for then-girlfriend Winona Ryder, Johnny made the inexplicable decision to have the tattoo altered to read ‘wino forever’ after the pair split. Considering Depp is not among the usual drunken suspects the tabloids call out each week, the message remains mystifying. Also, the tattoo is poorly drawn and simply ugly.

3. Melanie Griffith’s Antonio Banderas

Ink Regrets

This gorgeous woman actually paid someone to inscribe her lover’s name on her bicep in a heavy-handed font and then enclose it in a cookie-cutter heart. The tat is simply hideous. She should stop by Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal to see if they can erase this embarrassment from her otherwise-flawless physique.

2. Stephen Baldwin’s Initials

Ink Regrets

The 47-year-old film star has the initials ‘HM’ tattooed on his left pectoral muscle, in honor of Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus, then 15, dared him to do it. Not only is this creepy, considering he is old enough to be her father, but it is poorly drawn and placed awkwardly on his chest. He has publicly stated he deeply regrets it.

1. Nicole Richie’s Wrist Tattoo

Ink Regrets

Nicole Richie, mother of two beautiful children with husband Joel Madden, carries a tattoo of the word ‘virgin’ on her wrist. Talk about embarrassing! Considering the elaborate font and the hilarious context of the tattoo, she should consider laser removal as soon as possible. What was she thinking?

Celebrities make mistakes, just like everyone else. Fortunately, making a mistake with a tattoo doesn’t have to be permanent. With the technology available today, most tattoos can be completely removed. For those that can’t be, laser removal will still cause the tattoo to fade enough to be covered successfully.

This article is written by Rianne Hunter!


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