Insane Gadgets of the Week

BookArc-for-Mac-Pro-by-Twelve-South Make the most out of your Mac Pro by storing it in this amazingly designed BookArc for Mac Pro by Twelve South. It’s a chrome stand that can cradle your Mac Pro in the horizontal position without compromising on its performance. You get to see it in a different set up as compared to the general upright position when you place it on this modern cradle cum storage stand.

thin-bifold-leather-wallet-western-brown-0107A minimal rugged leather wallet design with traditional style. This leather wallet is for those who want minimal design, the thinness of efficiency, but need just a few extra card slots. With 2 card slots plus two extra card pockets, and a separate bill section you have enough room to carry it all while still keeping slim. The leather is sourced from the top tannery in the U.S. and Mr. Lentz cuts, brands, stamps, dyes, oils and waxes and assembles each wallet by hand.

Solar-SuntreeGive your tech gadgets a nature inspired charger in the form of this Solar Suntree that branches out into multiple charging outlets. It is a product from XD Design which bears 9 solar leaves that can easily power your mobile phone or MP3 player. The tree also comes with a USB output slot and a mini USB input slot. It is made out of bamboo with the solar charging panel acting as leaves.

Green vaseGreenvase utilizes an exclusive revolutionary moisture control system for indoor plants. Greenvase is the first and only system on the market that can adjust to the natural reservoir with consistency, precision and secure method. This self-directing process caters to the need of the plant by keeping the water at the optimal level up to three weeks without requiring external intervention.

Human-Touch-iJoy-Active-2.0-Massage-Chair-01Give the gift of pure comfort and relaxation this holiday season with the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair. This compact massage chair won’t overpower your office, den or living room, yet still packs three automatic kneading and rolling programs restore and recharge the neck, shoulders and back, and options only previously available in more expensive models. The iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair also features advanced FlexGlide™ orbital technology, manual recline and a wired remote to help you target specific areas.

Sleepy-Bed-03Reimagine your bedrooms as a futuristic abode by installing this plush and exquisitely comfy Sleepy Bed indoors. Finest leathers from Italy have been used to upholster the luxurious bed which surpasses the cutting-edge design of modern beds. It portrays a round shaped bed which is what gives it that striking sporty look you would want to relax on after a long tiring day.

Wave-Commuter-MugKeep your beverages warm and tasty by storing them in this one of a kind Wave Commuter Mug. It has been beautifully shaped out of porcelain that is soft on the outside and polished on the inside. This helps in keeping your beverage warm (around 10 fluid ounces) for a longer span of time so that you don’t lose out on the deliciousness ever. The mug is topped with a drip filter holder that perfectly fits on top of it and allows you to make your fresh cup of beverage whenever required.

eCozyBefore the iPhone was here, you didn’t know that you want an iPhone. Same with Tesla. And same with Nest, if we talk about thermostats. Let’s keep it simple: we want to do what Nest did in the US to typical European heaters. As we want European customers to start loving their thermostats – we’re working on eCozy: a simple, beautiful, but thoughtful solution for your home.

Dance-All-Night-Pillowcase-Set-01If you’re a night owl and love parties the most, your bedroom deserves the Dance All Night Pillowcase Set. It’s a set of two pillowcases having the bold print that says “DANCE ALL NIGHT” and “SLEEP ALL DAY” on standard cotton shams. So, if you’ve just dropped in after a night-out, this could be a good way to tell the others in the house not to wake you up unless it’s time to party again.

Cradle-Rocking-Chair-by-Richard-ClarksonThough the design was essentially targeted for those suffering with Rhythmic Movement Disorder (RMD), the Cradle Rocking Chair by Richard Clarkson is a chair that can pretty much fit in everyone’s hectic lifestyle. The concept was to “design for the extremes then the middle will sort itself out” which helps the user to dissipate the overstimulation of their senses.

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