Insane Gadgets Of The Week

Here we gather the coolest gadgets of the week. From the top useful gadgets to the latest trends of the web.

Extreme Water Tag makes waterpark slides and wave pools seem tame by comparison. This is extreme sports, adventure, action and water park fun all packed into one awesome game. Each team straps on vests on different colors and both sides arm themselves with the water guns.

Gadgets Of The Week
The Asher Decorative Bowl from Ralph Lauren Home is a very good looking wooden bowl beautifully crafted from solid teak. The polished nickel-rivet accents and bridle-style leather handles make it a wee bit different from your everyday bowls with metal or wooden ears.

Gadgets Of The Week
The Cassette Tape Bookmarks from Korean design firm Connect Design are clever bookmarks combining the functionality of a tape with the needs of a bookmark. It features a miniature cassette with what looks like unspooled brown tape trailing behind it.

Gadgets Of The Week
This Googly Eyes Bag Clip is a creation from San Francisco-based consumer products design firm GAMAGO. The clip is made of sturdy plastic and comes with a spring clip that helps the eyes hold on tightly to your bag.

Gadgets Of The Week
The Get Together Audio System from House of Marley is a portable Bluetooth audio system. It’s a very handsome and lightweight product that also happens to be environment-friendly.

Gadgets Of The Week
The Brooklyn Blanket Chest from Drift Studio is a handsome chest that you can fill up with all kinds of junk. Whether you lock up blankets or toys or priceless family heirlooms in it, this chest is going to be a part of your family for generations. This is a modular Riff-System chest with Baltic Birch panels assembled using steel brackets and fasteners, and it’s stylish and portable to boot.

This CTRL+S Container will become your very own treasure chest where you can save everything important, including delicious cookies and cherished memories. It’s a simple tin can shaped to look like a rather giant replica of the “Save” key on your keyboard.

Gadgets Of The Week
The Heat n’ Eat Popcorn Maker is just what the name implies. You pop the kernels (pun intended) into the oversized tub and microwave it, sans butter or anything oily that would make it a calorie-fest. This is tasty and healthy popcorn, and you’ll be sitting on the couch with a bowl full of it even before the opening credits finish rolling.

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