The Most Insane Japanese Commercials of 2016 Are Bonkers!

Japanese Commercials

Japan is a factory of crazy, wild and simply bonker commercials. JPCMHD has released a video showing us over 13 minutes of ridiculously fun commercials that they feel are the best of 2016.

The time has come! (☆^ー^☆) Let’s have a look back at all those great Japanese commercials that 2016 gave us (∩_∩) The selection process was tough again with more than 2200 commercials to choose from so, as I always say, sorry if your favorite commercial was not included!

With all the good quality ads in 2016, the compilation ended up being longer than expected but make sure you watch till the end because it is well worth your time ( ^◡^)

And that’s it. Hope you guys like it, share it and love it (‐^▽^‐) Oh and thanks again for joining me in this adventure that I started back in 2011. It’s been a pleasure so far and let’s hope for an even better 2017!

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