Insane Minecraft City Has Been in the Works for 11 Years


A Minecraft player has revealed a full-fledged city that took over 11 years and the work of hundreds of volunteers to make inside the voxel-based sandbox game. Finished with towering skyscrapers, suburbs, highways, and its own airport, the monumental construction makes even outstanding projects like a recent recreation of Notre Dame Cathedral in Minecraft look tiny in comparison.

Released in 2011 by creator Markus Persson’s Mojang Studios, Minecraft is a crafting and survival sandbox game that has gone from an indie darling to the best-selling video game of all time in just over a decade. Players exploring Minecraft’s procedurally generated, voxel-based world can use the game’s crafting and construction mechanics to create tools, shelters, and even entire cities as this amazing creation shows.

In a post on r/gaming, Reddit user NJDaeger showed off a screenshot of a city in Minecraft that took the work of over 500 volunteers and 11 years of build time to finish, with the airport alone requiring 2.5 years to complete in-game. Commenters responding to the post were amazed by the level of detail on display in the screenshot, with many users joking that they labored to build even simple huts in Minecraft. In response to one person’s query, NJDaeger noted that the multiple buildings visible in the city weren’t just barren shells and that each one featured a complete interior.

The enormous and highly detailed Minecraft city, named Greenfield, required the contributions of hundreds of volunteers to create, each of whom was required to fill out an application to be eligible to work on the project. Like any major city in the real world, Greenfield features a number of distinct suburbs and districts with their own unique feel and architectural styles. These sorts of large-scale creations aren’t unusual in Minecraft.

In the 11 years since it was first released Minecraft has changed from an unknown indie game to one of the most hugely recognizable intellectual properties on the planet, with characters like Minecraft’s Creepers showing up on everything from controllers to letterheads. The ability to build whatever a player desire makes Minecraft one of the most interesting sandboxes in gaming and one that seems primed to keep creative gamers swirling out creative structures for years to come.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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