Insane Trailer For Darren Lynn Bousman’s Black Magic Horror Movie DEATH OF ME

Darren Lynn Bousman

Check out the first trailer has been released for the upcoming supernatural horror thriller Death of Me, It is directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, who has directed some of the Saw movies. The movie stars Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth and the tangled story involves mystery, black magic, and murder.

Death of Me follows a couple who are on holiday on an island off the coast of Thailand. “Christine (Maggie Q) and Neil Oliver (Luke Hemsworth) awake hungover, with no memory of the past night. They find a video on Neil’s camera, and watch, horrified, as Neil appears to murder Christine. With 24 hours until the next ferry and with a storm threatening the island, Christine and Neil try to reconstruct the past night’s events—and are caught in a web of mystery, black magic, and murder.”

This looks like a brilliant horror movie, and I’m fascinated by the story and what I’m seeing in the trailer! The rest of the cast includes Alex EssoeKat Ingkarat, and Kelly B. Jones.

Saban Films will release Death of Me in select US theaters + on VOD starting October 2nd.

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