Insane Trailer of Alien Abduction Documentary Called LOVE & SAUCERS


If you’re looking for something really wild and eerie to watch, there’s a documentary currently streaming on Hulu and Amazon called Love & Saucers.

The documentary focuses on a man who claims to have had a lifetime of alien abductions and even says he lost his virginity to a female alien. This is someone that I could totally see Dr. Venkman interviewing on his show World of the Psychic.

To get the full effect of the strangeness of this whole thing, you have to watch the trailer.

Here’s the synopsis that was released for the film.

The story of David Huggins, a 72 year-old man who claims to have had a lifetime of encounters with otherworldly beings – including an interspecies romance with an extra-terrestrial woman – and chronicled it all in surreal impressionist paintings.

“David Huggins lost his virginity to an alien woman – among 100 other E.T. encounters – and chronicled it all in surreal paintings, few of which have ever been seen. This documentary is his story.”

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