Insanely Detailed Flowchart Connects the Entire Stephen King Universe

Stephen King Universe

The whole universe is well connected.

Hulu series “Castle Rock,” series is coming soon and we cannot wait for it. It is set to draw inspiration from the fictional town made famous by the works of Stephen King. The trailer for the series appeared to show that it will connect many of King’s iconic stories and bring them collectively into a shared universe.

Most of King’s stories share some sort of connections with one another, which has been a real treat for fans of his work. Misery, for example, makes mention of IT character Eddie Kaspbrak’s mother being Paul Sheldon’s neighbor growing up, and Georgie Denbrough is buried in the same cemetery that Pet Sematary‘s Gage Creed was originally buried in.

Gillian James, who started selling these incredible prints which are updated and expanded flowchart of the Stephen King’s universe.

The 23″ x 35″, limited edition Stephen King Universe Flowchart explores the connections and relationships between the characters and places in the literary work of Stephen King. It is current up to and including End of Watch. 

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