Insanely Flaming Hot Cheeto Bagels by The Bagel Nook

 Flaming Hot Cheeto Bagels

I love Bagels, and now humble Bagel is coming back with a spicy twist. The Bagel Nook, is a bagel shop in New Jersey, Owner Alex Berkowitz has been thinking up new ways to spice up the bagel experience for a while now. Now they come up with two new flavors Flaming Hot Cheeto Bagel and the Dorito Bagel.

Flaming Hot Cheeto Bagels

“The idea of the Flaming Hot Cheeto Bagel was developed because most of our bagels are sweet,” said Berkowitz. “We first started with a savory spinach garlic, then decided that was too common.”

“We then needed to up the anti with savory and hot,” Berkowitz continued. “So the Flaming Hot Cheeto with ghost pepper cream cheese was introduced.”

If you are an adventurous soul and like to live on the edge then you need to try one of these bagels, you can either go to The Bagel Nook’s physical store or order the bagels online through their website.

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