Insanely Hot Jessica Rabbit Cosplay by Yaya Han

 Jessica Rabbit Cosplay by Yaya Han

This is one insanely cool cosplay from my most favorite cosplayer Yaya Han and here she is playing the most sensational cartoon character of all times, Jessica Rabbit.

I love the setting and the photography of this specific cosplay and the costume is made to perfection like all of her cosplays which are made to perfection, She actually looks like real life Jessica Rabbit.

You can buy a signed poster from here.

Words from Yaya:

Jessica Rabbit has always been one of the most mesmerizing cartoon characters to me – as a kid she made me watch the movie over and over again, and as a cosplayer, she was always a huge challenge for me to portrait. I’ve been collecting materials for her for almost 2 years, and wanted to make this costume to the best to my abilities.

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