Inside a Flat Earth Society Conference

Flat Earth

Dylan Dubeau is known for his video series Not Exactly Normal he recently traveled from Toronto, Ontario to Denver, Colorado because he wants to attend Flat Earth Society Conference 2018. Dubeau spoke with attendees and vendors, trying to know more about why they believe the Earth is flat, despite empirical scientific proof stating otherwise. The answers most generally given were about corrupt government, NASA in particular, and religious beliefs.

A core belief is that the employees of NASA are a bunch of liars… so why would anybody believe this? With all evidence aside, for many flat earthers it’s largely religious. deal they believe that if the earth is a globe then the Big Bang Theory is accurate which means that nothing created the world …whereas with the Flat Earth model there is no scientific explanation besides there being an all-powerful creator who created the earth and placed humans at the center of it.

Despite differing beliefs and some frustrating conversations, Dubeau had a good time learning about another point of view.

I can’t say that I left the conference a believer, but I made some friends, met some interesting characters and hey, they sure know how to party. So if they want to carry on thinking that the earth is flat, what’s the harm?


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