Insidious 2

FilmDistrict has set the release date of James Wan‘s Insidious Chapter 2 for August 30th, 2013.

It was also announced that Wan is returning to direct the film, as are actors Patrick WilsonRose Byrne, Lin Shaye, and Ty Simpkins. I wasn’t sure if Wan would be back to direct the film, he said he was going to be more involved with this sequel than he was with the Saw sequels, and directing it gets him as involved as involved can be. I thought the first film was a great horror movie

Here’s what Wan had to say about Insidious 2 at NYCC,

I think the sequel to Insidious is kind of my reaction to Saw where for my own reason I wasn’t as involved in the sequels, and so I felt with Insidious, think it would be good to shepherd it and keep it more in track to the version I had when I made the first film so that it doesn’t detour too far. So yeah, I’m kind of working with Leigh on the story and the script.

I never set out to make sequels to any of my films I direct. If they happen, that’s great because that means people out there love it and they want more of it, but I always felt with Insidious we created this really interesting world that we can explore more, and so even though we didn’t set out to make a sequel, I felt that there are stories still out there that could be told.

Sequel is financed by Alliance Films, which also financed the first film. Budgeted at $1.5 million, “Insidious” was a surprise hit last year with $54 million domestic and $97 million worldwide. Wilson and Byrne played parents confronting the demons that possessed their young son.

Production on the sequel begins Jan. 15 in Los Angeles.

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