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Insidious 2

Loved the Insidious and loved the works of James Wan‘s, Insidious was a good movie but didn’t liked the way they end things especially all that inception styled dream walking and finding the way home and what not other then that movie was scary and creepy to the core and that’s the reason i’m excited for the second chapter because i hope they won’t repeat all that .

Thanks to STYD, we have new photos to share with you from the film along with some more details revealed by the cast and crew. Obviously this sequel continues the story from the first film, but at the same time it also delves into the past a little bit more. When asked about that aspect of the film this is what was said,

Leigh Whannell:  Yeah, well, with the first film there was this single driving thing they were trying to fix.  This film is bigger than that.

Lin Shaye: It’s a bit of a murder mystery as well, which I thought was a wonderful addition to the story.  In addition to being supernatural, it’s also trying to solve this crime.

Patrick Wilson:  Because we established the rules and you have to assume not everyone has seen the first one, you’ve got those little nods of like this is where we go, and this is what happens, because we had done all of that…  Selfishly, for me, it was exciting because at the end [of the first one, my character] either gets cured or he’s fighting his way back.  Clearly, there’s a duality of “what happens to the Josh here.”  It feels like an adult drama gone wrong with a supernatural element.  Even moreso here because of the presence of Barbara a bit more, it’s not just a clashing of the husband and wife, but of the son and the mother.  It’s exciting to play and explore.  With the two movies Leigh has written, we get the language and world we’re in.

Makes sure to head on over to STYD to read the full interview, there are a few interesting tidbits of information that you might find interesting. They’ve introduced us to a very interesting and creepy world in this movie, and it will be cool to explore it more.

Insidious 2
Insidious 2

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