Insidious Chapter 2, Prop Pics and Trailer Reaction


Insidious Chapter 2, Prop Pics and Trailer Reaction

ShockTillYouDrop was among the first to see the first trailer for Insidious Chapter 2, the anticipated follow-up to the 2011 spookshow directed by James Wan. You’ll get a chance to see the preview yourself tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 10 am, but Shock says that it looked thoroughly creepy.  Visually, it stays true to the original and it certainly looks like the mythology opens up quite a bit.

Following the trailer, Wan told an audience that the film plays with time travel a bit…whatever that means. He also said that where insidious delved into the haunted house sub-genre, Chapter 2 toys around with another type of thriller sub-genre.

Five new images from the movie were released tonight, head inside for access to the gallery and take a look at some of the props that were on display at tonight’s event (dice with letters on each side play a part in the film, Wan informed us, you’ll get a look at those).


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