Intellivision Published a New Video for the Amico


At the Gamescom 2019, Intellivision unveiled a video about their upcoming home console which is called Amico. This console is being created to be simple with excellent games that family and friends can have fun with together. Each game will cost between $2.99 and $9.99 with 5 games coming with the Amico. Also, the games are being designed so that there is no DLC or additional purchases. In addition, I mentioned that the Amico is being designed for families, well, all the games will be rated E or E10+, promote cooperation, and will not feature violence or foul language. The Amico will come with 2 controllers but will have an app that can be used to connect up to 8 mobile phones.

Tommy Tallarico (Intellivision’s CEO) talks about wanting the Amico to be for casual gamers and families, but the video is so powerful that it feels like it’s provided more towards the “hardcore” gamer.

I am still very fascinated by the Amico. It looks like there’s a modernized version of Moon Patrol which I could really want to play.


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