Intellivision Revealed Amico Which is Great for Casual Gamers


During E3 Intellivision revealed their Amico gaming console. The Amico is a gaming console that is created for families and friends to gather around. It comes with two controllers with touchscreens and a disc button and you can even use your phone as a controller to allow up to 8 players for some games. If you talk about games, they have an assortment from party games to platformers to classics like Missile Command. Another great aspect is that if you take your own controller to your friend’s house, you can play all of your games on their Amico console. There’s also going to be an exclusive and new Earthworm Jim game for the Amico game console.

Amico is not about graphics but for family fun for casual gamers. It definitely seems to be more about experiences. Each game will cost at most $9.99 for a digital copy or $19.99 for a physical copy and there will be no paid DLC, no microtransactions, and no in-app purchases. The online features come with leaderboards for your state, country, and even the world and if you end at the top, you’ll get a certificate emailed to you.

The Amico is available to pre-order now through Intellivision and GameStop and it will cost you $249-299.

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