Intense And Insane Serial Killer Film NIGHT HUNTER Trailer is Here

Henry Cavill

Check out this intensely cool trailer for the upcoming movie it has the same vibe as Silence of the Lambs and Se7en. It’s a serial killer movie that isn’t all about hunting for the killer, so much as unraveling the murders he has committed and the ones he has already put in motion. Henry Cavill, Alexandria Daddario, and Ben Kingsley are the police trying to catch him, and David Raymond is behind the camera making his directorial debut. The cast includes Stanley Tucci, Minka Kelly, Nathan Fillion, Sara Thompson, Eliana Jones, Emma Tremblay, Brendan Fletcher, and Mpho Koaho.

Here’s the official synopsis for the film:

Henry Cavill stars in this action-packed thrill ride that will shock you at every turn. When police detective Marshall (Cavill) and local vigilante Cooper (Ben Kingsley) arrest a serial killer targeting women, they discover his game has just begun. The hunt is on as the murderer masterminds a series of deadly attacks from behind bars. Now in a desperate race against time, Marshall and Cooper fight to stay one step ahead of their suspect’s deadly plan. Also starring Alexandra Daddario and Stanley Tucci, Night Hunter is a pulse-pounding thriller where the only way out is through the mind of a killer. Tick-tock.

Night Hunter is set to premiere on DirecTV on August 8, 2019, and will then hit theaters and be available On Demand on September 6, 2019.

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