Interactive Globe Revealed Your Home from When Dinosaurs Walked The Earth

Interactive Globe

With this Ancient Earth Map, you can now know what is under the ground beneath your feet eons ago. Enter your address and see your exact location the way it was at the time of dinosaurs or earlier. The interactive site also walks you through the planet’s incredible geological changes between now and the times of dinosaurs.

Today’s globe visual is drastically different than it was when dinosaurs roamed. Over millions of years, the Earth’s tectonic plates shifted, moving into a place like pieces in a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Ancient Earth Map, created by Ian Webster, and tectonic data and paleogeographic maps by C.R. Scotese of the PALEOMAP Project, display the planet’s nearly unrecognizable arrangement of land mass and oceans from eons ago.

The site will automatically take you to Earth as it looked 240 million years ago during the Pangaea supercontinent era, but you can choose to see the view of the world from any time period to the present day. If you’re on a desktop, hold down the left and right arrow keys to watch as the continents as we know them to break apart then gradually shift back together.

The map is super exciting and makes you think about all those years ago, what was here and now you are here, and after an even thousand years who and what will be here. Makes you think doesn’t it.

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