iOS 11 Has A Secret DARK MODE!


You know you’re guilty of looking at your phone in the dark but Apple love your eyes.

We have seen a lot of cool gadgets at the WWDC 2017 but Apple kept a couple of details under wrapped and those wraps are opening slowly — one of which is a new “dark mode” in iOS 11.


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The new feature made a cameo during the presentation on a slide that labeled it as “Redesigned Color Invert.”

The beta of iOS 11 is available only to developers right now, but dark mode will come to everyone when iOS 11 is publicly launched this fall.

Apple has an inverted colors option, which was created for better visual accessibility. The option was excellent for people with brightness sensitivity or some color blindness. But it was also known to sometimes warp colors and images to the extreme.

It gives your phone less of a glow, so you won’t bother others in a dark room, and it doesn’t invert colors in the same way. In fact, the new setting has two modes: Smart Invert, which the inversion intelligently, leaving many colors the same, and not inverting layouts that are already dark. But if you liked the way the current hidden dark mode works, you can choose Classic Invert.

If you have the iOS 11 beta and want to test out the new inverted colors, simply go to Settings > General> Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors. 

But for anyone out there who relies on the original version of Apple’s “dark mode,” there’s no need to worry. Apple hasn’t removed this version from your iPhone.

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