iOS 11 Will Let You Play FLAC Audio Files From Your iPad and iPhone


Apple has great news for audiophiles!

Apple announced yesterday the latest version of its mobile operating system and while regular consumers will have to wait until autumn to try out the new iOS 11 on their iPhone and iPad devices, developers are already taking advantage of their early access to the beta version.

Redditors who have already installed the developer beta are reporting that Apple has purportedly included full playback support for FLAC audio files in iOS 11. This means users now have the option to play and enjoy high-quality music files straight from their iPads and iPhones. This is a beautiful day!


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Apple had deliberately opted to ignore offering Playback support for FLAC files in both iTunes and iOS – though there are numerous third-party apps to do the trick.

In addition, to support for FLAC, Apple is introducing a ton of new features that could kickstart the transformation of iOS from simply a mobile operating system to a legitimate hybrid platform with desktop functionalities.

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