iPhone 5S Includes Fingerprint Scanner

apple 5s thumbprint scanner

New iPhone 5S Includes Fingerprint Scanner in the Home Button

APPLE’S latest software release has confirmed rumors of a fingerprint scanner in the new iPhone 5S. Apple’s new iPhone models are expected to be released in September.

The Discovery of a folder labeled ‘Biometric Kit’ hidden in iOS7 has lent proof to rumors that Apple’s next iPhone will feature a fingerprint sensor.

If the rumors are true then a scanner will be built into the Home button to confirm the user’s identity for possible iTunes payments, unlocking the phone, and even signing into Facebook and other apps.

The extra security of fingerprint recognition would be a useful crime deterrent as the iconic iPhone is a preferred target for muggers.

Apple is known for launching each version of the iPhone with a new killer feature, such as Siri, to lure punters into upgrading.

Fingerprint scanners could be the next trick up Apple’s sleeve.

Apple is also said to be working on a new “classic” cheaper plastic mobile called the iPhone 5C to help it compete against lower-end Android handsets in emerging markets.

Whether the plastic iPhone will include a fingerprint scanner or it will be reserved for a separate premium model is not yet known.

The fingerprint scanner rumors began last year when Apple purchased the company AuthenTec, which produces hardware including fingerprint sensors.

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