iPhone 6 Essentials


There’s nothing like a unique touch of wood on your everyday gadgets. This is the very reason why you might want to enhance the look of your iPhone 6/6+ even more with the help of this Ebony Wood Series Wrap for iPhone 6/6+. It’s got a beautiful texture of wood which will safeguard your iPhone 6/6+ from unwanted damage.


The beautiful shape of the Wood iPhone Stand has been achieved by bending plywood from Walnut lined with Alcantara. This material brings the sensory qualities which is unique and isn’t achievable from other wooden finish. You can position your iPhone both in the landscape and portrait position by using this stand.


The original accelerator. Up to 200% charging speed for iPhone® & Android. No data theft. Magnetic usb cable for your keyring. This magnetic usb cable is the ideal design for mobile cable solutions. It´s perfect for your keyring, but the real invention is INSIDE the cable: This cable communicates with your charging source and allows your phone to be charged with up to 200% speed!


3 hours extra battery, with 2x times faster charging usb cable for iPhone and Android. BOLD Knot will give you that emergency boost of charge when you need it the most. It is going to keep you connected all the time. Just plug it to your phone and charge on the go while you do your calls, navigate the map, or send a message.


Real wood Natural Eco-Friendly Material. Unique Natural Wood Grain and Finish. Precision Laser Cut and Engraved Wood. Natural Feel and Finish. Quick Snap-on/Snap-off application,Form-fitting hard case designed to perfectly fit your phone.


Every Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Fuel Cell comes with 12,000 mAh of power. That’s ideally made to keep your power hungry gadgets always geared up while you’re on the go. And that too, in the Iron Man style. In fact, the power it has will be enough to charge an iPhone 5S five times.


Make your iPhone 6/6+ highlight the vintage gaming era with this Bamboo Gameboy iPhone 6 6+ Case. It’s a superb case made out of bamboo which can enhance the overall appearance of your iPhone 6 altogether. The case comes in two parts and takes you back in time to Nintendo Gameboy right from your iPhone 6 cover.


Since existing glass protectors are made of flat glass, they’re unable to be perfectly applied to your iPhone 6/6 Plus’ curved surface. As a result, it’s easier to become damaged with even the slightest impact because of the remaining screen space or air bubbles between the protector and the screen.


The elego M3 Stand was designed to have a natural feel to it. The solid wood mount is made of walnut and the stand is made of solid aluminum, giving it a modern look. Conveniently access all functions of your smartphone.


Prepare yourself against red or dead battery. The Aukey 3600 mAh External Battery Pack holds around 1 charge for most smartphone. It adds 8 hours of talk time to keep your important phone conference going for extra hours; the extra juice let you finish off your work email or keep your Google Map running until you reach final destination.

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