iPhone 7’s Are Being Drilled By Idiots – Video

iPhone 7's Are Being Drilled

Apparently, a new video is making people drill holes into their iPhone 7s in order to get a headphone jack. You just cannot make this stuff up and I wonder how can these people can afford an iPhone 7.

The prank video was created by a YouTuber called Taras Maksimuk (TechRax) who is known for making videos where he destroys technology. and people who saw the video and drill a hole in their expensive phone, didn’t even bother to check the credibility of the video or check what is the user is actually known for! Destroying tech that is.

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The video below shows Taras drilling a 3.5mm hole into the bottom left edge of the iPhone 7 in order to reveal a hidden headphone jack. After conducting this mad surgery, Maksimuk is seen plugging headphones into the iPhone 7 which now play music through the earbuds.

The prank video has over ten million views. As you would expect, the comment section is filled with people who are livid over having destroyed their phones. Astonishingly, the video has gathered more likes than dislikes (137,231 likes, 88,355 dislikes). Would you drill a hole in your iPhone by watching such video?

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