iPhone 8 Display ‘Confirmed,’ No News On Price Yet

iPhone 8

Now, ahead of the traditional unveiling, plans for Apple’s 10th-anniversary smartphone design have been “confirmed.”

According to Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly, the iPhone 8 will, in fact, feature an “elongated and enlarged” 5.8-inch display, with a cutout on top for the front-facing camera and sensors.

“We have rendered these to visualize the final design, and I can confirm that, despite problems, fears Apple would fall back on a less ambitious ‘Plan B’ are unfounded,” he wrote on Sunday, alongside a series of images.

Highlighting a new device “like no other iPhone,” Kelly hinted at an Android-like vertical rear camera setup—intended to support Cupertino’s drive into augmented reality, “where horizontally aligned cameras are more effective, and the phone is expected to be held in a landscape orientation,” the reporter said.

You will not get back the headphone jack in this new iPhone, there will be no switch to USB Type-C just yet.

The new design, meanwhile, does away with the bezels—and, perhaps most prominently, the physical home button—to which iUsers are so accustomed.

At least one aspect of the forthcoming smartphone is still a mystery: Will Apple integrate Touch ID into the display or copy Sony and blend it with the seemingly enlarged power button.

More iPhone 8 secrets include battery capacity, camera specifications, A11 chipset performance, and pricing.

“But when it comes to its looks, ladies, and gentlemen: This is the iPhone 8,” Kelly said.

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