The iPhone 8 Will Recognize Your Face in ‘Millionths of a Second’

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is will launch in September and it will be packed with a slew of new hardware including facial recognition technology.

Now, a new report from the Korean Herald claims that the facial recognition technology used in the device will only take “millionths of a second” to scan a person’s face.

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“Also, 3D sensors [will] be adopted for the front and rear of the device to realize AR applications, which integrate 3D virtual images with user’s environment in real-time,” it adds.

Korean Herald is now claiming that Apple is going to abandon its “TouchID” fingerprint scanner in the new phone, and it will be replaced with new face-scanning technology. The facial recognition tech is also expected to be used for Apple Pay authorization. If true, it would be a major change to the way people use their iPhones.

If the report is true, Apple’s Touch ID took about one second to scan a finger when it first came out in 2013, and although it’s gotten slightly faster since then, it still won’t quite compare to the “millionths of a second” claim.

What do you think about facial recognition?

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