IRON MAN 3 Movie Details – Tony Stark will be Isolated

We’ve got some interestingly cool Iron Man 3 movie details to share with you! Empire recently sat down with Marvel President Kevin Feige for a podcast, and during that interview, he started talking about Iron Man 3 and offered some insight into what direction they’re taking the story. He makes it very clear that the main goal of the story is to isolate Tony Stark so that he can’t call for help from his Avengers team. Here’s Feige’s explanation…

So Iron Man 3 has been structured specifically to be the antidote to The Avengers… Circumstances in the story separate Tony from having access to anything.

We wanted to take Tony back to, metaphorically speaking, the cave from Iron Man, the first half of Iron Man, when he’s cut off from the world and needs just focus on his intellects to get himself out of his situation.

So he’s not calling Thor, he’s not calling Captain America, he can’t press a special button to have the helicarrier come rescue him, so I think that’ll be a nice complement to the team up of Avengers.

I was wondering how that might address the Avengers team situation, and cutting Stark off from them is the perfect solution to make the story just about Iron Man. It’s a little weird that Jon Favreau won’t be back to direct the movie, but I’m excited about Shane Black taking it on, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s going to deliver to the fans.

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