Iron Man 3 Patriot Figurine


Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale Iron Patriot Collectible Figurine

Armed and ready! The Eagle has landed!

We just love HOT TOYS and love their work and attention to detail on these amazing Models of famous characters from various movies you can see below for more .

Love Iron Man and this Patriot Collectible is just look awesome, Want to have it before the new Iron Man 3 Movie ..What you think about it ??




The Iron Man 3 movie has become the talk of the town just one month before the movie launches. Specialized in highly detailed and movie-accurate Iron Man collectible figures and established an indivisible relationship with Iron Man since the first Iron Man movie, Hot Toys is proud to present the brand-new character – the Protector of Liberty which is well fortified with military strength and technological superiority – the 1/6th scale Iron Patriot Limited Edition Collectible Figurine from the Iron Man 3 movie from the MMS Diecast Series.

Leading the MMS Diecast Series is the iconic Iron Man 3 Series, in which the collectible figures are made of diecast material, specially designed to look more closed to the realistic Iron Man characters in the movie. The MMS Diecast Series will bring fans to the next level of authenticity, focusing on the materials, fine details, and engineering of the Iron Man collectible figures, while some of the parts can be shared between our MMS and Diorama Series for displaying together in 1/6th scale. More collectibles from Iron Man 3 will be coming from the MMS Diecast Series!

The movie-accurate Iron Patriot Collectible Figurine is highly detailed and fully deployed, specially crafted based on the image of Don Cheadle as Iron Patriot in the movie, highlighting the highly detailed head sculpt, metallic red, white and blue star-spangled armor, light-up functions, and rotatable machine gun.

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