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 Translucent PS4 Pro

Like everything else, video games also has its drawbacks and it includes micro-transactions and loot crate or mystery boxes which is becoming a famous trend in modern gaming and also console gaming is getting quite expensive at all, no matter where you search eBay or Amazon games are quite expensive even the used ones unless you have a gift card to purchase the game with.

But despite all that, DrakeMall invites you with an emerald dragon inspired by purple dragon Spyro, gives you a chance to win amazing prizes, lowest prizes and almost free consoles and other gadgets, like Sony 4K TV, PlayStation Classic and you can even find a PS4 Pro in PlayStation Case and you can make purchases without a hassle and in a safe environment even via Mastercard, VISA and PayPal. Drake Mall offers the lowest prices and the cheapest way to get a PS4 Pro from the mystery box, you can even win one for free, So Drake Mall is the place to be right now if you are running on a tight budget.

Is it possible to get PS4 Pro from the mystery box in 2019? – DrakeMall

At DrakeMall, you can win really expensive items for almost free or at a very cheap price, You can even get a PS4 Pro from it, or you can buy it and they come at very cheapest prices but what is better than winning one for almost free. And this is not it, you can win a lot more at DrakeMall even more expensive prizes from the website and the way you can do that are quite simple and straight forward and some of you will ask a question that if it is legal, and the answer is yes it is legal, All you have to do is an open case and mystery box and you have a very good chance at winning a PS4 Pro.

What are mystery boxes?

Mystery boxes actually are cases what is generally count as a set of things that would ordinarily be arranged in a theme. You have to open a mystery box to receive items that come with its own set number in which tell what you’ll get when you start opening these cases, You can even get a PS4 Pro as well from it, or you can buy it and they offer very cheapest prices but what is better than winning one for almost free.

It’s a legal way to get expensive prizes at a very low cost as the system would choose a number at random and then be controlled by mechanical means. And your mystery box comes up with a prize every time no matter how small or how big it is. The things I want to win from the loot crate or by the open case is the mighty Sony 4K TV, gaming consoles, GTA 5, PlayStation Classic, and on top of all a PS4 Pro! All in all, DrakeMall is really a magical place where anything can happen.


Drake mall enables users to purchase boxes that include a mixture of different products, a very famous element in video games. When you open the boxes you will begin to roll a roulette wheel and you will win that no matter how expensive it is.

You can locate boxes classified by themes that carry the products that please you the most, such as the Ultraviolet Case or the Gamer Case, which combine much more charming items for the gamers.

DrakeMall even proposes the opportunity of checking the items of the boxes to guarantee that the product you are looking for is in the mystery box, before continuing to buy them; the rest is your luck!

What is DrakeMall and what mystery boxes it has?

DrakeMall is a mystery box (website with a bit of e-commerce part with the component of gambling and it was launched in 2017. It was heavily inspired by the CS: GO Open Case, mystery boxes from Amazon, eBay and websites like LootCrate, Drake Mall repeats these tools with its spin and to win prizes. Users can purchase mystery boxes and in it then can buy electronics items and other trendy items constantly but with a unique option of opening a case which is also known as a mystery box for a much cheapest price.

Mystery boxes are also called cases and what you’d generally think as a set of things that would usually be arranged in a related theme. You can open mystery boxes to get items that come with its own individual number in which delivers what you’ll get as you begin opening specific cases.

It’s a legal way to get expensive prizes at an extremely low cost as the system would choose a number at random than being worked up by mechanical means. You will win a mystery box no matter how small or how awesome like a rubber chicken or a PS4 pro. Drakemall Gift Cards will cost you $20, $50, $100, or $250. And if you are privacy-conscious and worried about your credit card details, sites third-party payment methods make sure nothing is saved and no one can get access to the details of your bank account.

Many unique items are being added in mystery boxes all the time so it is quite normal that you will see different items every time. There are many types of boxes, for example, Game Case, Toy Case, Xbox Case, and Wow Case, which cost you $4.99 and has items that start from humble selfie sticks and fidget spinners to all the way up to Xbox One X’s. Another popular case is the PlayStation case which will cost you $22.99. In this case, you will find PlayStation4 Pro, VR Kit, and even a Sony 4K TV and there are many other cases which you can find on the website and then you can choose what attracts you the most.


So, is it possible to get PlayStation 4 Pro for the lowest price from the mystery box on DrakeMall?

Yes, you can have a PS4 Pro! If you want to get a PS4 Pro you have to buy the box called PlayStation Case and it will cost you almost $23 and in that box, you can win from PS Slim, PlayStation Classic, PlayStation Classic, PS4 Pro Dock Station all the way up to the PS4 Pro, So in that one case you have many PS items as well as many top rating games and this is not it at DrakeMall you can even buy the product you want to have if you don’t want to buy the case and put your luck to test, and even if you win something from the mystery box and you don’t want to keep you can sell it back and then get something you want to have, so there are all sorts of possibilities which you don’t get anywhere else.

Watch the video below where someone just won a Switch:


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