Is Love Island Set to be a Television Mainstay for Many Years to Come?

Who’d have thought that watching a load of beautiful people coupling up in a swanky villa on an idyllic island would be such a winning formula? The Love Island franchise that began in the UK is now well known all over the world, and interest in it is not slowing down.

With the series back again and still attracting incredible viewing figures, there’s an argument to suggest that this format will be a mainstay on television for many years to come.

Love Island Spawned Various International Iterations

The Love Island format began as Celebrity Love Island in 2005 and ran for two seasons. At the time, it wasn’t the hit that ITV had hoped for, and it was ultimately canceled due to disappointing ratings. The creators went back to the drawing board and came up with a revamped version with regular people rather than celebrities.

The rebooted Love Island in 2015 hit the right notes, perhaps because it marketed itself well to the people of the Instagram era. It spawned an array of international versions in the years that followed, and lovers of the show can consume them all at different times.

Thanks to information from ExpressVPN about how to stream the international replicants of the popular UK series, it’s now possible to check out all of them. This can be done by setting a VPN to different locations around the world and then streaming them on a range of platforms.

One of the Most Successful Reality Series Ever

Reality television has been a mainstay on our boxes since the release of An American Family in 1973. According to the Guardian, this was the first-ever reality show, and it spawned the sprawling genre we know and love today.

Since then, there have been several groundbreaking series that have helped push this type of content further into the mainstream. These have included the likes of Big Brother, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and American Idol.

Love Island is up there with the most popular reality television series of all time, with Digital Spy stating that five million people tuned into the opening episode of the latest season. It has even sparked its own offshoot of reality television, which involves attractive people coupling in amazing holiday locations.

Other Similar Offerings Can’t Compete with the Original

Netflix and other streaming services are desperately trying to piggyback on the hype of Love Island by producing their own, similar offerings. They serve to attract people who are keen on the format, but it’s hard for them to compete with the original.

Some of the best-known offerings to provide their own twists on the Love Island model include Too Hot to Handle, Temptation Island, FBoy Island, and Ex on the Beach. Despite having their own unique features, they are all ersatz in the eyes of Love Island aficionados.  

Love Island certainly feels like a series that could go on indefinitely. Viewers don’t seem to tire of this form of escapism, as it allows them to imagine stunning holidays packed with endless romance.

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