Is YouTube Premium Worth It?

YouTube Premium

You have probably experienced many times that YouTube wants you to give YouTube Premium a shot. And you probably have said no to their offer just as many times. On the internet, it has become quite a meme and people are very critical of the service as a whole.

But is the criticism justified? Does YouTube Premium offer nothing that warrants a monthly subscription fee? In this article, we will go through some of YouTube Premium’s features and evaluate whether or not you should consider a subscription to the service.


No Adds but Still Supporting the Creators

Advertisements on YouTube are annoying, to put it mildly. They show up several times during a video and some of them are long and inescapable. They disrupt the flow of the video and are endlessly frustrating.

Some people turn to AdBlock to circumvent them. But the problem with AdBlock is that the creators of your favorite content lose out on the revenue they need to keep making content. YouTube Premium, which should have used a brand name generator for a better name, removes all ads from the website while at the same time making sure that the creators are compensated. In that sense, it is a win-win situation.


A Pretty Decent Music Platform

YouTube has been diversified over the years. It is no longer just a service you can use for videos, but now you can also use it as a platform for listening to music through their extension YouTube Music. Here you can listen to almost anything officially released to streaming platforms as well as the more obscure tracks that are only uploaded to YouTube itself.

The extension runs pretty well, has decent sound quality and a large selection of music. With YouTube Premium, you can use this without advertisements interrupting your listening experience.


A Netflix-like Selection of Shows

YouTube Premium also gives you access to a lot of professionally produced series and movies made for YouTube. These series and movies often include creators well-known from the platform.

Now, the selection is not exactly great. There are a couple of pretty decent productions on here, but more often than not it is bland entertainment without much value. In this instance, you would be better off with a Netflix subscription.


Should You Subscribe or Not?

So far what we have seen is a mixed bag of good and bad. YouTube Premium definitely makes the experience of using and browsing the site for your entertainment much easier and more comfortable. It even gives you access to a very decent music application. So, you get music and videos in the same package for a fair price.

But the available shows and movies are quite lackluster in this experience. They would not be worth subscribing for. So, in the end, it comes down to your priorities and what you want from YouTube. If you already have a subscription to a music streaming service, then you might as well switch to YouTube premium where you get both music and an ad-free experience on videos. If you are looking for an alternative to Netflix, you will be very disappointed.

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