It Is Almost Here; Terminator: Dark Fate!

Sarah Connor

Did Terminator 2: Judgment Day leave you wanting more? Well, it has been a while now, but picking up from where the action-packed film left off back in 1991, your favorite star-studded sequel is about to blow your mind. If you are a little fuzzy, here is a quick catch-up as you warm your seat for the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate.


Quick catch-up

Terminator, released in 1984, involved cyborg (Arnold Schwarzenegger) as the Terminator on a mission to eliminate Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) to ensure that her son is not born. The following installment Terminator 2: Judgment Day, brought an advanced liquid metal, shapeshifting T-1000 Terminator. The Terminator’s objective was to terminate John Connor, the then ten-year-old Hamilton son destined to become the human resistance leader. Schwarzenegger is also sent to protect John, although he is a less advanced terminator. Although there have been some other reboots, Terminator: Dark Fate picks off from Judgment Day, promising an awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping movie you can’t afford to miss.


The Dark Fate

The movie, like its previous installments, revolves around saving humanity from the machines. In this installment, Linda, as Sarah and Schwarzenegger as Carl, teams up with Mackenzie Davis as Grace, an advance human from the future. The squad must protect a young woman Dani played by Natalie Reyes as she is the only humanity’s hope for a future.

The team job is quite straightforward as it seems, but not without twists and hiccups that threatens human survival. If you thought your exciting gaming endeavors  had many twists to concur, wait till the teams come head to head with the villain, an advanced Terminator. The new Terminator, played by Gabriel Luna, is a more advanced model locked on one job; kill Dani!

From the available videos to date, Terminator: Dark Fate is showcasing its original, but improved action-packed scenes with enough humor to ease the tension. Perhaps the most exciting part is how Linda is a resolute bad-ass whose job is to hunt terminators. With a range of weaponry and tactics, the team takes on the tough quest of eliminating the hard to kill Terminator. No weapon seems to be working against the merciless shapeshifter that annihilates everything on its way to its objectives.

Schwarzenegger, now a little over 70 years, also showcases his hardcore action with gun-blazing scenes. For instance, standing over the new Terminator, a scene shows him emptying a whole magazine that only sheds off the Terminator’s human disguise to reveal a red-eyed lethal weapon. This reinforces the Terminator’s statement during a checkpoint that his whole body is a weapon. This raises concerns about what it will take to scratch leave alone put him down.

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Thirty-five years later, and the Terminator franchise doesn’t seem to be shaken as its two main stars Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger continue to impress. While it is rumored that the installment will address Sarah’s story on the franchise, it remains a mystery. Will her character be “Terminated” or a twist that “shapeshifts” her to a different dimension? If you though aging-gracefully were just an expression, wait for Terminator: Dark Fate premier and revisits your perception. It is nostalgic, only with better, faster, stronger, and advanced features that will leave you asking for more.


The Fate

Will the team succeed and save humanity, or is it, as Linda put it, “it’s all over.” In theaters on November 1st, you can’t afford to miss this kick-ass Terminator installment.

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