J.J. Abrams New Sci-fi series Sleepy Hollow

sleepy hollow tv show

 J.J. Abrams’, Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci’s Sleepy Hollow,Which received a full season pickup from the network.I’m so excited for sleepy hollow on TV that is a great story and movie was superb and now FOX is making the TV Series out of it which looks promising , All the machinery around the show is well oiled and seasoned which makes it even more Desirable.

Sleepy Hollow, reboot gurus Orci and Kurtzman (Hawaii Five-0, Amazing Spider-Man 2) will be mixing time travel with the classic headless-horseman tale for a sci-fi-tinged crime procedural. The series will follow Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), who gets yanked 250 years through time to find the world on the brink of destruction. Once here, he’s somehow partnered with a modern-day cop (Nicole Beharie) to try and figure it all out. The biggest question? How they plan to string this premise out for the long term. Best guess: a big mystery and a new mythology.

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